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Patient Testimonials


Dr. Pivo and his staff are AMAZING at what they do. Super friendly, caring, personable and accommodating, Dr. Pivo and his staff with totally make you feel comfortable and at ease. I have been going here for about 3 years and last year I had my teeth whitened. After I left they followed up to see how I felt and after I expressed my disappointment about the whiteness of my teeth they went the extra mile and had me come back and they RE-DID the whitening for me at no charge!!! Bottom line? They are THE BEST!!!!

Great pain management – I'm a chicken. I liked multiple work in one visit. Good job. I would recommend. Five stars!
-Karen P.

Everyone at the office was very helpful. All procedures were explained thoroughly and everyone attempts to get to know you personally. When I leave I feel like my teeth have been well taken care of.
-Kathleen M.

Dr. Pivo is really nice and warm. He spent time checking my teeth and explaining everything he was doing. He has a very gentle touch and tried very hard to make the shot feel less painful
-Eva A.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you so much for coming to speak to the children on the importance of proper dental hygiene. You spoke to the children on a level that was both understandable and interesting to them. The topic of conversation among the children for the rest of the day was: teeth and brushing! Once again, thank you so much for taking time from your busy schedule.
-Bernice Z.

It's a delightful experience I have of walking into a dentist's office; can you imagine that? And feeling comfortable! First of all walking into the office and meeting the people behind the counter, they put you at ease. It's really a warm, pleasant setting and then Dr. Pivo himself is such an accomplished and pleasant person that it's a delight to work with him. You know you're in capable hands and even when he's probing and pushing and moving, it's all done in a way makes you know that he cares because he cares – it doesn't hurt and it feels good! Now I like going to the dentist; thank you Dr. Pivo, best wishes!
-Barry C.

I have had Dr. Pivo as a dentist for a few years now. Before I had Dr. Pivo as a dentist I was a little bit traumatized by dentists as a young child needing dental work and through my adult years. Once I had Dr. Pivo as a dentist, he's very gentle and explains everything he's doing and now I feel comfortable having Dr. Pivo doing my dental work. When he has taken out wisdom teeth for me he has done crowns and cavities and all different things that I've needed. He's very friendly and explains everything to me that he's doing, which is what I like. I always ask him what's going on and he always calmly and patiently tells me nicely and he does great dental work. My teeth look great; I just recently got whitening at his office and it looks great – I get a lot of compliments. Thank you very much Dr. Pivo.
-Jennifer E.

He put in a new crown and went out of his way to make sure that it fit perfectly when it came back from the lab and it was very, very close to a perfect fit but not quite perfect. He took the time to send it back to the lab and had it redone. As a result it fits just as good as the original tooth; I'm very happy, thank you!
-Bruce S.

I went to see Dr. Pivo who is the dentist for cosmetic and general dentistry in Culver City. He is an amazing dentist; he actually did a lot of work with me. He is very compassionate about his patients, works around our schedules, is very pleasant to be around – really cares about his patients. I spent many hours in there; I had to get some bonding done, some cavities filled, and he made time to make sure that we had like two hours set in his schedule to do it. I didn't have to wait weeks and weeks to get back into his office, they are absolutely accommodating. The receptionists are very sweet and the whole staff is the office is wonderful so I definitely enjoyed my experience and of course would absolutely recommend him to other patients and to anybody. I definitely appreciate it.
-Jacqueline C.

I went to see Dr. Pivo to help me with my teeth and he was just fair on the price and he's a wonderful technician. I don't have a lot of money and he helped me take care of everything that I needed. My teeth were achy and broken… just a very nice experience. He works wonderful with his staff and they're caring, clean and he does a wonderful job.
-Kathy A.

When I moved to Los Angeles I'd had the same dentist for 20 plus years in my hometown and was pretty apprehensive about finding a new dentist. I can honestly say I was very happy to find Dr. Pivo. He was very, very gracious on the first day I was booked for an appointment, which is great. It's been a great experience; he's very friendly and wants to get to know his patients. A really great guy and a great dentist and I'm very happy with the work so I give a very strong recommendation for Dr. Pivo
-Alan T.

You do a great job. You are respectful, you do not hurt, you give good shots. I trust your advice. You follow up with a phone call when their is a problem. The office is clean and pleasant. Thank you for doing what you do. In short: You guys ROCK!!!

Always a super friendly staff, easy to make appointments. I recommend Dr Pivo highly to all my colleagues/family


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